Client Engagement Opportunities


Traffic Optimization

SEO | Listing Synchronization | Reputation Management

Product Description

I will begin by analyzing the current on-and-off site setup, noting any existing problems. Once we have a plan in place, I will start making adjustments improving your results in search engines.

Value Proposition

With proper traffic optimization strategies in place both on and off your site, your customers will find more and more ways to your website.

Our Goals

  1. analyze your websites current setup.

  2. implement SEO adjustments to your website

  3. drive more and more FREE traffic to your site


Lead Generation

Pay-Per-Click Ads | Social Posting |Email Marketing | Funnel Optimization | Content Generation

Product Description

I will analyze your current PPC campaigns’ data to develop a deeper understanding of your current effectiveness.

Value Proposition

I will work with you to develop a holistic PPC strategy that will get you clicks you want.

Our Goals

  1. produce keyword-focused content targeting your audiences searches

  2. drive targeted traffic to your growing your brand awareness and search rank

  3. develop high-quality ad and email nurturing campaigns


Website Optimization

User Interface UI | User Experience UX | Redesigns | Build-outs

Product Description

I will listen to your company’s goals in order to implement a high-quality and engaging website for your visitors from the moment they view your site.

Value Proposition

I will leverage my expertise and knowledge of best practices to build you a visually appealing, easy-to-use, website that drives more sales.

Our Goals

  1. drive more conversions with a more appealing, high-quality website

  2. design your website that your customers can find what they are looking for

  3. monitor the performance of your site and make optimal adjustments.


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